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Cover of Darn Knit All by Evie Mitchell

Darn Knit All 


You might be asking yourself how a guy like me ended up on a fashion reality TV show. You may also be asking why I agreed to be a designer’s apprentice with no intelligible sewing skills.
Delicious, fluffy, flour-laden, sugary cake—the beginning of my downfall.
If it weren’t for that cake, I’d have never bribed Mai Sakamoto for more. We’d have never developed a friendship. I wouldn’t know of her dreams to become a fashion designer. And I’d sure as hell would never have ended up on a reality TV show to help her chase those dreams.
Real knight in shining armor moves, right?
Our friendship was a match made in heaven… before the show put us up in a one-bed hotel room.
Now my lines are blurry and I can’t help but wonder, could Mai be my perfect fit?


Every day I’m battling imposter syndrome, anxiety, and abject terror—and why?
Is it for prize money? Fame? The opportunity for my designs to be seen around the world?
It’s because of Theo. Beautiful, hilarious, frustrating Theo.
Theodore Garrett believes in me. He believes I’ve got what it takes to win this crazy competition. He quiets the doubts in my head, pushing me toward my dream life.
Only, I don’t know how to tell him that my dreams don’t include fashion shows and exclusive lines, and instead feature… him.
Darn Knit All.
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Men of Trinity Bay

Evie Mitchell Sweet Cover Kink in the Road (Ebook)

Kink in the Road


The best things in life come in threes

In a small island town where single women are rarer than a unicorn sighting, I've always been the odd woman out. As the town's go-to grease monkey, I’m more "bro" than "babe", which is great for finding friends and not-so-useful in my search for love.

In an effort to draw women to our small town, our matchmaker mayor decides to play Cupid with a singles weekend—only I'm left playing wallflower rather than bell of the ball.

That is until Aiden and Finn, the smokin' hot pub owners I've been crushing on, admit they don’t see me as the town’s perpetual little sister….

"Kink in the Road" is a steamy, romantic romp that'll have you believing in the power of love, laughter, and a well-oiled…machine. Afterall, the best things in life come in threes!

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