Evie Mitchell eBook As You Wish (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook As You Wish (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook As You Wish (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook NSFW Cover As You Wish (EBOOK)

As You Wish (EBOOK)

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Warning: This book is inspired by masks, cosplay, and handcuffs. So, get thee a partner and a blindfold or two, and settle in — this book is all treat.

I love cosplay. The costumes, the make-up, the ability to become anyone I want. Which is why Halloween is my favorite time of the year.
And this year? I need to be confident, sensual, and have just a little bit of magic on my side if I'm going to catch the eye of my brother's best friend – Caleb Prince.
He might be the deputy sheriff of our little town, but he's the king of my heart… if only he would look my way.

I'm what they call a serial monogamist. I'm not happy unless I'm in a relationship.
Only, none of my relationships have lasted longer than a month, and I know why. Those women weren't Yasmin El Khoury, my best friend's sister.
But when Yasmin walks into my Halloween party dressed as Princess Jasmine – all bets are off. Cause I'm ready to rub every lamp between here and Agrabah if I can just get my one wish… Yasmin.

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"You're sure this isn't too revealing?" I asked, tugging on my costume's top for the hundredth time.

"Yasmin," Farrah, my best friend, rolled her eyes from her position on my bed. "One, you look amazing. Like seriously. You nailed this cosplay."

I blushed, accepting her praise. I loved cosplay, give me a comic con and some fabric, and I was happier than a pig in mud.

"And two," Farrah continued, ticking off the reasons on her fingers. "You went with movie princess Jasmine, not cartoon Jasmine. You're practically covered from head to toe. The breast line may be a little low, but it is nowhere near revealing."

I sucked in a breath, ridiculously aware of my breasts as they rose with my breath.

"Sorry." I shook my head ruefully. "I know I shouldn't be this paranoid, it's just…."

Farrah sat up, reaching to adjust the top hat on her head. I'd designed her steampunk outfit months ago, painstakingly sewing it around my other projects and my own costume. I had to say, she looked deadly – exactly how an assassin should.

Go me.  

"It's just?" she prompted, a small smile playing on her lips. "Does it start with Caleb and end with Prince?"

I grabbed a throw pillow, tossing it at her. "Oh, shut up!"

As was our yearly tradition, we were attending Caleb Prince's party. The man somehow reduced me from being a worldly woman of twenty-six to a bumbling fourteen-year-old, desperate to impress my twin brother's best friend.

If I'd been asked to describe Caleb in one word, I'd use exceptional. I'd always thought he looked a little like Henry Cavill with his stunning blue eyes, tall and solid build and delicious biceps I wanted to lick. But while he might be gorgeous physically, Caleb also happened to be the posture child for ‘nice guy’.

When my parents had moved me and my brother to Capricorn Cove we'd been thirteen. I'd fallen into a fast friendship with Farrah, but Malik, my twin, had struggled. Enter Caleb. It'd taken one basketball session for Malik and him to become fast friends, and even now, years later, they were inseparable.

When Malik decided to become a police officer, Caleb joined him. When Caleb had decided to volunteer at the Big Brother program to mentor kids, Malik had done the same. They played fantasy football, were on the same basketball team, and volunteered regularly. They were closer than brothers.

And yep, that made me the sad sack who was in love with my brother's best friend. Was I a cliché? Totally. But I'd held a flame that burned bright for our deputy since the tender age of fourteen.

Seriously, Yasmin. If this doesn't happen tonight, then you need to move the hell on.

No matter how many times I told myself this, I just kept coming back to Caleb.

"Yazzy, it's okay." Farrah gracefully pushed to a stand, the coat tail of her leather jacket falling to the floor behind her. "He's gonna take one look at you and swallow his tongue. He's single. You're single. It's finally time."

I breathed deep, sucking in a long breath and holding it for a beat before slowly letting the air out.

Farrah rolled her eyes, coming to stand beside me. Her hands settled on my hips, and she gently turned me until I faced the mirror.

"You're gorgeous," she said, grinning at my reflection. "You're a badass seamstress, you run your own bridal empire—"

"It's one store," I protested, my lips tugging into a smile.

"Empire!" Farrah declared, ignoring me. "You're intelligent, kind, gracious, and have great tits."

We both looked down at my bountiful handfuls.

"It's true. My breasts are impressive," I agreed.

"Exactly. So tonight," she reached for my cloak, handing it to me with a flourish. "You're Jasmine. Sultry princess, sensual wonder woman, blessed by magic." Her lips twisted into an evil little smile. "And the woman Caleb Prince won't be able to keep his hands off."

I sighed, swinging the brown cape around to settle it on my shoulders. Positioned like this, the material fell in long folds covering me from head to ankle. I looked like Jasmine at the marketplace, hiding who I was. The drama would come when I took it off, revealing my true identity.

And my boobs.

I gave myself a final nod in the mirror then turned to face Farrah.

"Okay, I'm ready. Let's do this."

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