Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook NSFW Covers Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)

Capricorn Cove Bundle (EBOOK)

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    Grab the ENTIRE Capricorn Cove series in one complete bundle for 35% off!

    TEN books plus a FREE audio novella AND the first book in the Dogg Pack series! 

    NOT available on any other book distributer site!

    The Shake Up 
    He was meant to be a one-night stand...now we're living together. 

    Holy shit, I have a stalker!

    I moved without thinking, snatching a knife from the nearby counter and brandishing it his way.

    "Stand back!" I yelled, making a stabbing motion. "I'm not afraid to use this."

    "Jesus fucking Christ!" Mac bellowed, stepping back, his hands coming up to show me empty palms. "I'm unarmed!"

    The doors behind Mac swung open, Gunner, Ella and Gunnar's parents racing in.

    "Anika, no!" Ella threw herself in front of Mac. "What are you doing?"

    "Dealing with a crazy stalker,” I retorted, waving my knife again. “Get away from him.”

    "What do you mean stalker? This is Mac. You know, Leslie Mackenzie? This is the guy that I was telling you about, the one who's interested in renting your room."

    I faltered, glancing from Mac to Ella to Gunner and then back to Mac.

    "You're telling me this is just a nice little coincidence?" I asked Mac, keeping my knife steady.

    Mack shrugged, lowering his hands, an attractive grin tugging at his lips. "Seems like it."

    And just like that, I knew I was in big trouble. 

    Each book is a stand-alone, interconnected, small town, spicy romantic comedy!

    Books included in the bundle
    1. The Shake Up
    2. Double the D
    3. Muffin Top
    4. The Mrs. Clause
    5. New Year, Knew You
    6. Double Breasted
    7. As You Wish
    8. You Sleigh Me
    9. Meat Load
    10. Resolution Revolution

    Plus you get the first book in the next series, Puppy Love, and a bonus Audio Novella of the A-List. 

    Curl up and binge the series today!

    Note: All NSFW and SFW books are the same, it is only the covers that are different.

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    "Yeah, the tires on both sides blew so I'm holed up until I can get a replacement tomorrow," I told my best friend and boss as the cute waitress slid a tall glass of cider across the bar. She gave me a wink, then skipped off to serve the next customer.

    "Do you want me to come pick you up? It's only an hour and a half drive," Gunnar asked. I heard movement in the background and the jingling of keys.

    "Nah, I'm good. The tow guy said the mechanic has the tires in stock. I'll be back on the road tomorrow."

    "You sure?"

    I lifted the glass to my lips. "Positive. By the time you get here, it wouldn't even be worth heading back, we'd just be sitting around waiting for the mechanic to open."

    "Okay man, I'll see you tomorrow."

    "Have a good night, and tell Ella hi for me."

    "Will do."

    We hung up, and I took my first long drink. The bar Tok up half the ground floor of the hotel. An older establishment, it wasn’t exactly my usual scene. Fancy and expensive with a ridiculous number of businessmen in suits and ties and women wearing a mix of corporate and cocktail.

    I looked down at my worn jeans and grinned. 

    It’s a wonder they allowed me in with these dusty boots.

    "Excuse me, is this seat taken?"

    The low voice held a hint of a crisp British accent.

    I glanced over my shoulder and immediately felt my body react. 

    Yes, please. 

    Slim with long dark hair that she'd brushed into generous waves, her lips were a full delicious red that reminded me of hot nights and sweet cherries. Her clothing was also siren red, a little crop top that tied just under her small breasts with a high-waisted long skirt that would have looked almost chaste if not for the thin band of skin at her waist and the split along one side that showed her leg right up to the top of her thigh.

    Is she wearing panties?

    "No," I finally choked out, shifting slightly to give her more space. "No one's using it."

    She flashed a smile that reached her dark eyes, and my world tilted.

    Well fuck a duck and feather me with tar.

    She placed her small clutch on the bar and reached for the drinks menu, pursing her lips as she considered the options.

    Say something!

    "You come here often?"

    I cringed, hearing the stereotypical pick-up line coming out of my mouth. In an effort to minimise damage, I gestured down at my clothes. "Obviously, I don't. Didn't realise I'd missed the dress code by a couple of levels."

    She laughed, dropping the menu to swivel slightly toward me. "This is my first time. I'm only in town for the night."

    "Work?" I asked, trying to flag the bartender down to get her a drink.

    "Something like that." She nodded at my beer. "Is that the house cider?"

    "Good eye. It's not bad."

    She reached for my drink. "May I?"

    I nodded, watching as she lifted it, turning the glass until her lips touched where mine had been moments earlier.

    My cock went rigid in 2.5 seconds.

    "Mm.” She set the glass back on the wooden bar top, licking her lips. "You're right, it's quite good."

    I had to look like a fucking idiot as I gawked at her, shifting on my seat to try and hide the fact a certain part of me enjoyed this way too fucking much.

    Don’t read into this. Don’t be a fucking creep. Don’t read into this. 

    "Have you ordered?" she asked, lifting the food menu and beginning to read.

    "Nah, figured I'd have a drink then order some room service."

    She lifted an eyebrow, giving me a teasing smile. "Is that an invitation?"


    I took a gamble. "You want it to be?"

    Her gorgeous eyes drifted from my face and down my chest, her eyelashes fluttering for a moment as she caught sight of my erection.

    "I think I do," she murmured, her body drifting toward mine.

    The bartender arrived, looking a little frazzled. "Another?" she asked me with a harried smile.

    "Yeah, and we'll get…" I looked at the woman, raising an eyebrow, inviting her to order.

    "A margarita."

    The waitress nodded and bustled away while I considered the stunning woman beside me.

    "I'm Mac, by the way." I held out a hand, using it as an excuse to touch her.

    She slid her palm against mine. "I'm Ani."

    "Annie," I repeated, liking how her name tasted on my tongue.

    "Here you go.” The bartender slid our drinks across the wood. "Add it to your room tab?" she asked me.


    She hurried away, rushing to serve the next customer. The bar had gotten louder and more crowded as the Friday night business rush converged with those looking to hit the town.

    I lifted my glass, tilting it Annie's way. "To new friends."

    Her lips quirked up into an attractive smile. "I'll toast to that."

    We clinked our glasses together, both of us taking a long drink. She pulled the glass away from her mouth, leaving a gap in the salt and an imprint of her lipstick.

    I wanted to see that cherry red shade decorate my cock.

    "So," Annie said, her tongue darting out to catch the salt crystals sticking to her glorious lips. "You mentioned room service?"

    The desire that has been crackling through my veins ignited, burning through me, and chasing away any thoughts of reason.

    "I'm in room 908." My voice was unrecognizable, rough with need and growly with want.

    Annie slid from the barstool, her skirt catching on the seat, sliding higher to reveal her tawny thigh.

    All that glorious skin, perfectly bared for me.

    Room. Now.

    She tipped her drink back, downing it quickly before turning away. With a flick of her hair, she shot me a saucy grin over her shoulder. "Shall I lead the way… Mac?"

    I liked the way my name sounded coming from between those lips.

    I followed her from the bar and across the lobby to the elevator. Our bodies brushed as we stole glances while waiting for the cart to arrive.

    "Phew! Busy night in there, isn't it?" A man appeared beside Annie, shaking his head.

    We both nodded, making affirmative sounds. The tension between us was thick and built as we waited. I embraced it, aware of the way my body had begun to tune into hers.

    Our breathing matched. Our hands drifting close to each other but not touching. Our gazes caught, held, then drifted away only to catch once more. 

    "You two here on business or pleasure?" The man asked as the elevator reached the lobby, a group of chattering couples spilling out.

    "Pleasure." I barked, capturing Annie's hand to pull her in. "Appreciate if you'd catch the next one. I need to kiss my girl."

    The guy froze mid-step, then stumbled backward, stuttering, "O-o-of course. Have fun!"

    The doors slid shut as I crowded Annie into the back corner of the cart. Her big beautiful eyes widened, desire written across the lines of her face.

    "Gonna kiss you here," I told her, my hands grazing the soft skin of her neck. "Then here.” My hands drifted over her body and down until I cupped her pussy. She whimpered in response.

    "When I get you in the room. Gonna take my time, gonna taste your cream on my tongue. Gonna make you come until you're soaked and begging for my cock. You good with that darlin'?"

    She swallowed, her lips parting on a slight pant as she nodded.

    Fucking brilliant.

    I kissed her softly. Just a brush, a teasing taste to whet our appetites. Grains of salt still clung to her lips, the salt drawing me in. I liked her lips, murmuring my enjoyment. 

    With a wordless mutter, Annie exploded under my hands, her body sinking into mine, her arms wrapping around me, her fingers delving into my hair to pull me closer.

    I let her, taking control of our kiss, the heat, the wet, the passion. She tasted of salt, tequila, and a note that I'd associate as being purely hers. Her taste intoxicated me, stoking my desire, and fueling this chemistry between us.

    Never had I tasted something as deliciously decadent as this woman.

    The bell chimed, and the doors slid open behind us. For a moment, I considered ignoring them. All I wanted was for this kiss to go on forever.

    But Annie moaned, the sound so needy, so fucking innocently sexy that I lost all thoughts of kissing and instead determined that I needed to draw it from her once again—immediately.

    I captured her hand and tugged her along with me down the carpeted hallway. Slid my card in door, I shoved it open, Annie following me like a lamb to the slaughter.

    Good girl. 

    Kicking the door shut, I backed her up, crowding her against the door, my lips finding hers once more.

    I couldn’t silence my groan as her tongue tangled with mine. Her taste was just as salty-sweet and ten times more addictive now we were alone. 

    She is bliss.

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