Evie Mitchell eBook Darn Knit All (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Darn Knit All (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Darn Knit All (EBOOK)

Darn Knit All (EBOOK)

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You might be asking yourself how a guy like me ended up on a fashion reality TV show. You may also be asking why I agreed to be a designer’s apprentice with no intelligible sewing skills.
Delicious, fluffy, flour-laden, sugary cake—the beginning of my downfall.
If it weren’t for that cake, I’d have never bribed Mai Sakamoto for more. We’d have never developed a friendship. I wouldn’t know of her dreams to become a fashion designer. And I’d sure as hell would never have ended up on a reality TV show to help her chase those dreams.
Real knight in shining armor moves, right?
Our friendship was a match made in heaven… before the show put us up in a one-bed hotel room.
Now my lines are blurry and I can’t help but wonder, could Mai be my perfect fit?


Every day I’m battling imposter syndrome, anxiety, and abject terror—and why?
Is it for prize money? Fame? The opportunity for my designs to be seen around the world?
It’s because of Theo. Beautiful, hilarious, frustrating Theo.
Theodore Garrett believes in me. He believes I’ve got what it takes to win this crazy competition. He quiets the doubts in my head, pushing me toward my dream life.
Only, I don’t know how to tell him that my dreams don’t include fashion shows and exclusive lines, and instead feature… him.

Darn Knit All.


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Chapter One

No one talks about how much fucking work anxiety is. Oh, sure. They'll tell you how tiring and emotionally draining it feels to live in a constant state of heightened emotions but no one is talking about being up until 3am the night before a big meeting to research five different routes in case the one you take is congested or closed for repairs. Plan B? More like plans A through Z.

You know who needs to be running emergency service departments? Anyone with high anxiety. We plan for all contingencies. I looked down at the mobile phone clutched in my clammy hand, trying to breathe through the near overwhelming panic that clawed up my throat and constricted my chest.

Ms. Sakamoto,

are pleased to invite you to participate in Perfect Fit, a reality show and fashion design competition series hosted by Michelle Conliam. You'll be challenged to design cutting edge creations which will be judged by our panel of expert designers, Minerva Devillian, Alison Louis, and Erike Baretti.

The email continued but I couldn't. Huddled on the dressing room floor of Bloom
Boutique, I faced myself in not one, not two but three mirrors—each reflecting a woman on the edge of a break down.

I'm going to strangle Theo.

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