Evie Mitchell eBook Double The D (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Double The D (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Double The D (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook NSFW Cover Double The D (EBOOK)

Double The D (EBOOK)

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She wants double the D... 

I'd always watched Drake Andrews and Dane Butler from afar. Hotter than hell, I'd fantasised about my Double D's with the kind of need that had Satan engraving my seat in Hell. When they'd left our small town, I continued to keep track even as I'd breathed a sigh of relief. I couldn't ever risk revealing just how much I wanted them. Only now they're back. And that unfortunate fantasy? Well, it's returned - harder and hotter than ever.

Bluebell McKenney was ours since the moment we'd stepped into the group home over a decade ago. Her shy glances couldn't hide the heat in her gaze. To have the kind of future we wanted, the kind that involved all three of us, we'd had to make something of ourselves. Now we're back and ready to claim our woman.

We weren't meant to practically kidnap her. We weren't meant to become lost in her curves or so enamoured by her... er... charms that we forget our own damn names. The plan may be blown to hell, but one thing's for sure. She's ready for Double the D.

Warning: This romance is filled with double the entendre, double the man, and double the you-know-what. Get thee a man (or two) and settle in – this unconventional love story will leave you aching for more.

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Dane Butler and Drake Andrews were more like brothers than tangential foster kids who happened to inhabit the same group home. I'd watched them circle each other upon introduction, watched them size each other up and find the other satisfactory. 

From afar, I'd watched them merge into one person, becoming closer than blood brothers. They'd ruled our group home, owned our high school, and dominated any sport they'd played. Upon Dane's eighteenth birthday, they'd enrolled in the Marines together, leaving our town in their dust. 

Over the last ten years, I'd kept tabs on them through friends and acquaintances. I knew they were decorated Marines, had settled somewhere close to their training school, and still served together. I'd even heard the whispers about how they did everything together. And when I said everything, I meant everything. Something I knew to be a fact, though I'd never admitted it to anyone, let alone myself. 

I knew they were back in town. And damn if this newly acquired information wasn't screwing with my equilibrium. 

I hid in the canned fruit aisle of the grocery store, gripping a tin of sliced pineapple and blindly staring at the nutritional information as I tried to control my racing heart. 

They're back. 

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen them with my own eyes. Hell, when my friend Anika had text me weeks ago I’d assumed she was lying. Or that they were just doing a quick pass through on their way somewhere more interesting. 

But nope. They were in the meat aisle, shooting the breeze with old Mr. Henderson. 

Breathe, Blue. This will be fine. Totally and completely fine. 

Mr. Henderson had lived three doors down from the group home. Growing up, he and his wife had been the kind to hand out candy and offer you a few extra bucks to help them around the house. They'd been incredibly popular with the local kids. 

He'd sold the house a year before, moving into a residential care facility. I still visited him twice a week, bringing donuts and coffee in exchange for the gossip he still managed to collect. 

Kept this one under your hat, old man. Could have used any information you’ve collected to prepare for this event. Or, you know, sell my house and move to Australia. 

"Pull it together, Blue," I whispered to myself. "You can't leave now. You just need to—suck it up and act like it's not a big deal." I gave myself a mental shake, clearing the cobwebs, and trying to shake off the sudden nerves. 

Yep, it is absolutely not a big deal that the two objects of my teenage desire are inhabiting the same space as me. Nope. Not a big deal at all. 

I turned, dropping the tin in my cart and pushing further down the aisle. Pride kept me from turning tail and running from the store. If I was lucky, I'd manage to avoid them.

But when am I ever lucky? 

I cautiously rounded the corner of the shelving, glancing up and down the next aisle. Three geriatrics and a frazzled mother attempting to pacify a screaming toddler. 


I turned down the cereal aisle, blindly throwing in three giant boxes of sugar-filled junk, a jar of hazelnut-choc spread, and three loaves of bread. I powered through the rest of my shopping, eyes and ears alert for impending danger. 

I hurriedly unloaded at the register, greeting Joan, listening to her chat about the town's latest gossip while I stayed silent, desperate for her hands to move faster as they lifted and scanned the groceries. I tucked the last bag in my cart as Joan rang it up. 

"That'll be eighty-three ninety, Hun." 

I reached for my wallet, the hair on the back of my neck standing to attention. 


"Well, if it isn't little Bluebell McKenney." Dane's deep voice sounded abnormally loud in the quiet of the store. 

I froze, fingers clutching at my card, a chill racing down my spine. 


I turned slowly, dread settling like a stone in my stomach. They stood shoulder to shoulder, Dane dark and broody, Drake light with a small smile on his lips. I dropped my gaze, taking in their overflowing cart, heart sinking. That was more food than someone here on holiday required. 

It's true. The boys are back in town. 

I forced my gaze up, offering what I hoped was a friendly smile while praying the years had buried the memory of our last interaction. 

"Dane, Drake. I didn't realise—" I stepped forward, holding out a hand to shake. "Welcome back." 

"Come now, Belle,” Drake scoffed, his smooth tones a startling contrast to Dane's growl. "Is that any way to greet old friends?" He stepped forward, opening his arms. 

I hesitated for a moment, overtly aware of Joan with her gossipy mouth and the interested glances from other shoppers. 

I stepped away from the register, closing the distance. As Drake's arms tightened around me, I looked over his shoulder, locking eyes with Dane. His mouth kicked up just a fraction at one corner, satisfaction stamping itself across his face. 

The heat and hardness of Drake pressed against me, coupled with Dane's expression, threw me back in time. Back to that night. 

Back to—

I pulled back from Drake and shifted toward Dane, offering him the same quick hug and willing myself to keep it together. 

"Belle," Dane's words brushed the shell of my ear. 

I took a deep breath, memorising the feel of him against me, breathing in the scent of his aftershave and him. 

I pulled back, quickly two-stepping away from both of them. I tucked a section of hair behind one ear, fighting overwhelming panic as I moved back to the register. 

"Are you in town long?" I turned back to Joan, finally handing her my credit card. 

"Bought the Jessup lot. Moved in yesterday." 

Dane's low statement had me freezing in place. My head slowly twisted back toward them. 

"You bought…." I hadn't heard a whisper about this development. 

Why had no one told me?! 

It was book club night and my friends, Anika, Collins, Ella and Honey were about to get their asses chewed out. 

Ella and Anika co-owned the town’s best (and currently only) bar. Collins worked with Honey at the local physiotherapist and wellness centre, and I worked as a nurse in the local clinic. Between the five of us we generally had our fingers on the gossip pulse. 

Not so much it seemed. 

“That’s… wow.” I said finally, unsure how to continue. “Congratulations.” 

“Thanks. We finally got out. Decided it was time to do something different." 

"And you…." My tongue felt too big for my mouth. "You're going to run a kid’s summer camp?" 

They both chuckled. "Nah, we're setting up a wilderness retreat. Scuba diving, hiking, that kind of thing." 

"People pay for that?" The words tumbled out of my mouth before I could stop them. My cheeks warmed; hands now clammy. 

"Megabucks, sweetheart," Drake said in a fake whisper. "Gods bless their city asses." 

Behind them, a woman cleared her throat. “Why, if it isn't Drake and Dane. Welcome back.” 

Hannah Sharp had ruled our high school with cutting words, perfect blonde hair, and heels that would easily crush you if she so chose. While some of us had left high school behind upon graduation, it seemed that the Ice Queen’s reign continued. 

While she distracted Dane and Drake, I paid for my things, making a break for the exit. 

"Have a nice day, Blue," Joan called, turning to start her slow scan of the men's items. 

I lifted my hand in farewell, ignoring the itch of awareness between my shoulder blades. 

Please, God, let me never see them again.

In a town this size? My wish was as likely to be granted as Mr. Henderson was to walk on the moon. 


My phone buzzed with a text. 

Bookish Bitches Chat

ZOMG! You spoke to them!


I’m literally in the cereal aisle right now trying to negotiate with Gunnar about oats. OF COURSE I SAW. 

What are we talking about?

Wait. By them do you mean *THEM*?????

Oh shit! As in the two dashing me we all want to be in a love sandwich with? 

Except me. One Viking is enough


Seconded in the safety of my car, I hesitated, my thumbs hovering over the keyboard 

Alas, yes. And it was as awkward as expected. I’m about to go home and drown myself in a tub of cookie dough ice cream and humiliation. 

How bad are we talking? 

I had to be rescued by Hannah. 

Ouch. You know, Hannah is okay when you get to know her. A little standoffish and next to no idea of how to speak to people, but she’s not bad. 

Less about Hannah and more about Blue, babe. 

Sorry. Okay, Blue, I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.

I thumbed my head against the steering wheel of my car, replaying my stumbling, stuttering nonsense. 

It was. Kill me. 

No one is killing anyone. First meetings are always weird. Now you can move on. And get to the good stuff. 

You mean anal? Blue does strike me as the type. My advice? Plenty of lube. Those two guys do not look like they’d be small. 


You went there. You really went there. 

Ani… how many times do I have to tell you that anal is not something you just spring in a group? 

Chuckling, I tossed my text on my passenger seat and started my car. 

“Next time will be better.”

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