Evie Mitchell eBook Trick or Trent (EBOOK)
Evie Mitchell eBook Trick or Trent (EBOOK)

Trick or Trent (EBOOK)

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I don't look like your typical arson investigator. But I happen to have a knack for solving fires... Pity I'm a failure when it comes to subduing my own burning desires...
After ten years one would assume the flame I carried for my highschool sweetheart would well and truly be extinguished. Not so, it seems. 

Trent's returned home, and it appears the sparks are flying in more ways than one.


I knew returning to Capricorn Cove after nearly ten years wouldn't be a walk in the park. But I didn't expect to be navigating crime scenes with my ex-boyfriend. 

Why does Ryan have to look so gorgeous? Why does he have to be so kissable? And since when did he learn to do that with his tongue???

He better be careful, cause I'm about to burn all his walls down. 

Warning: This book is complete fluffy nonsense with two men who adore each other, fire, Halloween, and a touch of small-town madness. Welcome to the Dogg Pack! 

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